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This newsletter is called CAPS LOCK because I am a very passionate person and, yes, am an abuser of all-caps words, phrases, and (on certain occasions) sentences. I’m filled with enthusiasm, what can I say?

I’m a late-twenties soon-to-be-grad student with a penchant for oversharing and caring deeply. (Never been a big fan of apathy, y’know?) I play the clarinet and I want so deeply to discuss the SANDMAN graphic novels with you and I love taking long walks to the library on weekends. I think that Virgil’s Georgics are under-studied but that may be to my advantage; I think that fanfiction is a genre with works that deserve as much recognition as big important literary fiction novels. My heart resides in Siena, and also Dewey Beach and a few other locales. It’s very nice to meet you — do stop by for tea sometime!

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